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National Headquarters

Former World Bank Office, Old CID Road Junction, SekouToure Avenue,Mamba Point, Monrovia, Liberia.



+231886512145 & +231778228106




Gender and HIV/AID Awareness

HIV and AIDS epidemic is a significant public health and development problem in Liberia.  The primary modes of HIV transmission in Liberia as elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa are heterosexual contact and perinatal transmission; although blood transfusion, medical transmission and use of dirty needles still occur

  Many factors fuel the spread of the epidemic. These include, the widespread norm of multiple and concurrent sexual relationships; women’s low socio-economic status; increasing levels of poverty leading to sex work; lack of open discussion about sexuality; high incidence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs); cultural and religious beliefs, and stigma and discrimination, among others. HIV and AIDS epidemic is a social problem, as much as a medical one. The fault lines are wideopen channels creating a superhighway for the spread of HIV and AIDS. In 2017, the national AIDS Commission reported an increased in the number of persons living with HIV in Liberia from about 33,000 persons to 43,200 persons with a national HIV prevalence at 2.1%.

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