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UNDP-NBC Extractive Industries for Sustainable Development

Capacity Building for Community Based Structures in 4 Conflict Prone Concessions Affected Counties Generally, Concessions have not lived up to the expectations of the key stakeholders – the Government and the Project Affected Communities (PACs), the host communities continue to be prone to conflicts. 

 Efforts to resolve the issues are not straight forward as there are constraints on all sides, with concessions not having received all that has been promised in terms of access to needed Land for profitable investment, and the decline in global commodity prices limiting revenues, as well as several other factors accounting for the underperformance of this sector. The situation is more felt particularly in the agriculture sector. One of the key focus of the EISD project is to work with concessions and their communities to create some working partnership through the mobilization and formation of the Multi Stakeholders Platforms (MSPs). The objective is to in a participatory manner develop a key building structure for improving the engagement between PACs and concessions. MSPs is a platform for securing community buy-in, build emotional ties, side track disruptive third-party interlocutors, strengthen local resilience against violent political agendas or youth extremism and entrench companies as an integral EDUCARE PROGRAMME ANNUAL REPORT 2018 • A CATALYST FOR LARGE-SCALE RESULTS ANNUAL PROGRAMME REPORT 2018 EDUCARE LIBERIA 12 part of the community.

The project was implemented in Bomi, Grand Bassa Grand Kru, and Maryland Counties. The MSPs will consist of men and women of diverse backgrounds, ethnic groups and age and would be representative of the PACs. By the end of the trainings, the following were accomplished: Provided participants with the capacity to deal with the threat of concessions violence at its source that benefits local and national peace processes. This was done through the facilitation of the conflict series, i.e. Conflict Management, Conflict analysis, Conflict sensitivity 1. Helped participants understand that their strength in local initiative and local ownership, which is a priceless ingredient for any peacebuilding process. 2. Aided participants in understanding the differences and effective techniques of mediation and negotiation. 3. Provided participants with the necessary skills for peacebuilding intervention 4. Identified, described and discussed the different levels at which conflict occurs and possible responses.

…Building People, Building Community through Empowerment Initiatives.Read more

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