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National Headquarters

Former World Bank Office, Old CID Road Junction, SekouToure Avenue,Mamba Point, Monrovia, Liberia.



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What We Do?

What We Do

EDUCARE’s strength in the past has been the areas of Economic Empowerment, Literacy and numeracy training, Women’s leadership and participations and Women’s, peace and security targeting Women groups in any geographic area within Liberia.




One of the core principles in EDUCARE’s program framework is that of partnership. EDUCARE makes efforts for a deliberate alliance between all actors involved in a particular common vision or objectives.  Rather than reengineering the process, we learn from experience of others while we strive to help to find appropriate solutions to issues of concern.  The characteristics that EDUCARE values in a good partnership include: transparency; inclusion; mutual respect; communication; and accountability. EDUCARE is comfortable working closely with others, particularly with line Ministries and other NGO partners. She works with partners in engaging beneficiary communities along with their leadership structure and getting them involved in a way that they can take ownership at our exit.


EDUCARE has vast experience in working with women who usually are the ones mostly left out of development and training opportunities. By virtue of culture, women have been conditioned to take a back seat or maintain a silent posture whenever there is a gathering. During mobilization campaigns, it is often difficult to get women to come forward to want to participate in programs. Also, because of the heavy time commitments women have to put into tending to their family needs; both domestic and economic, getting them to participate and benefit from project opportunities can be quite challenging. It is therefore important to put in place a system that works and encourages women’s full participation. This is one of EDUCARE’s biggest strengths. Our staffs are comfortable and experienced at motivating women’s participation, engaging communities, including spouses and families to ensure that they are involved. Our training materials are gender sensitive, socially inclusive in content, language and delivery. Arranging training times to suit the women’s schedules is absolutely important. The timing of the training is key in off-setting the conflict between their normal activities and taking part in the training.  To this end, the women will be consulted in fixing class schedules. The training will therefore be scheduled considering their specific needs.


Engaging the communities can be quite critical to the success of the implementation of any project.  They always have their role to play, including helping to mitigate some of the barriers that trainees particularly women face in taking part in any program.  Community leaders have pre-existing relationships with their community members, and can assist if there are problems with family support, attendance, motivation, and others. Spouses and other family members are also always key to the success of any project especially, where women are involved.


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